How to Check Pokes On Facebook App

Before we had dating apps like Tinder or OkCupid, Facebook's "poke" feature allowed customers get the interest of others in its very own distinct way. For several, poking somebody on Facebook was taken into consideration a kind of safe flirtation, and also an expression of passion, similar to swiping precisely Tinder-- the person you have actually poked will recognize you're interested in some means, but nothing beyond that. They could react, they could not. Yet, no matter, poking was a surefire way for a customer to allow their rate of interest be recognized!

How To Check Pokes On Facebook App

How To View Pokes On Facebook

As Facebook grew, the poking feature became extra troublesome than helpful, till the Facebook "poke" reached an almost paradoxical, cutesy stage, where people would certainly "poke" each other for the sake of being amusing. While we don't understand what kind of social standing poking someone holds these days, we can tell you that the poking function has been relegated to the globe of Facebook apps, which many individuals hardly ever check.

Exactly How to View Facebook Pokes on Android

This shows you just how to see who sent you a poke (a playful Facebook welcoming) on your Android.


1. Open Facebook. It's heaven symbol with a white "f" on your house display or in the application cabinet. The application will certainly open to your News Feed.

* If you see the login display rather, enter your Facebook account info, then tap Log In.

2. Faucet ☰. It's near the top-right corner of the display, inside a white bar.

3. Tap See All at the bottom of the "Application" list. This increases the list to include various other alternatives, including Pokes.

* If you currently see Pokes in the Apps checklist, you can skip this step.

4. Tap Pokes. It has a round blue symbol with a pointing index finger. A list of people who have actually poked you appears near the first, while people Facebook believes you must Poke appear under "Suggested Pokes.".

* If "Suggested Pokes" goes to the first, you haven't gotten any type of brand-new pokes.

* Faucet Poke beneath somebody's name to send them a poke. You can send a poke back to someone that poked you, or send out one to somebody in the "Suggested Pokes" checklist.

How to Sight Facebook Pokes on a COMPUTER or Mac.

This wikiHow shows you exactly how to see a listing of people who have actually sent you a "poke," which is a cutesy method to greet someone on Facebook.


1. Go to in an internet browser. If you're visited, Facebook will certainly open to your information feed. If you see the login display instead, kind your login qualifications at the top-right edge of the display, then click Log In.

2. Click Residence. It goes to the top-center area of the display.

3. Click See Even More ... It's a message link under the "Discover" header on the left side of the display. You might have to scroll down a little to locate it.

4. Click Pokes. It's on the left side of the display. This displays a checklist of people that have actually poked you. You'll likewise see a listing of "Suggested Pokes," a list of people Facebook believes you should poke.

If nobody has actually poked you, you'll only see "Suggested Pokes.".

To poke someone back (or to poke someone in the Suggested listing), click heaven Poke button to the right of their name.

To get rid of somebody from either list, click the x alongside the Poke button close to their name.