How to Delete A Comment On Facebook App

The number of times in your life have you blurted out discourse without assuming, then quickly wished you could take it back? Most likely countless. It's not a surprise that the exact same thing happens regularly on Facebook. Besides this moment, your words could be commemorated on the web forever. Luckily, Facebook lets you delete a comment just as easily as you can modify one. One dumb remark isn't worth losing close friends over, after all.

How To Delete A Comment On Facebook App

How To Delete Facebook Comments

Deleting a talk about Facebook only takes a couple of seconds, however if you're pressed to get rid of one swiftly, below's a simple overview.

On Desktop

1. Open up Facebook. Go to in your computer system's web internet browser. This will certainly open your Facebook Information Feed if you're visited.

- If you aren't visited, enter your e-mail address and password before proceeding.

2. Most likely to the message on which you want to remove a remark. If the blog post is on your account page, you can click your account tab in the upper-right edge of the page; otherwise, go to the profile page of the person that produced the blog post as well as scroll down to the message.

3. Open the comments area. Sometimes, the remarks area will certainly open up by itself; otherwise, click the # remarks link listed below the message.

- The "#" describes the number of talk about the message. For example, a post with 10 remarks would certainly have a 10 remarks connect here.

4. Float your computer mouse over a remark. Doing so will certainly trigger a ⋯ icon to show up to the right of the remark.

5. Click ⋯. It's to the right of a comment. If you're erasing your very own remark, a drop-down menu will show up; otherwise, a pop-up home window will appear.

6. Click Remove when motivated. It's a blue switch in the pop-up window. Doing so will certainly get rid of the remark from your blog post.

- If you're deleting your very own comment, you'll click Remove in the drop-down menu prior to clicking the blue Delete button.

From your mobile phone

Find the comment you intend to erase as well as press down over the comment, holding your finger there up until a dialog box appears. When the box appears, tap Remove and your comment will be permanently gotten rid of. Or if you just want to edit, you can pick edit from here too.